Saurabh Desai


Fine Art Nature & Travel Photographer

Wandering into forests and enjoying the visuals offered by ‘Mother Nature’ has been a part of my life since childhood.Being involved with one of the local non- governmental organisation, formally known as ‘ Nature Club of Surat’ & taking part into various Nature Conservation & Education oriented activities; I found myself lucky enough to get ideal opportunities to observe nature from the closest, which apparently developed a deep feeling of friendship and kindness towards natural wonders of the wild. Stunned with the beauty and brilliance of wildlife, I picked up the camera to capture the splendours of wild in its raw form and enjoyed clicking different arrangements of nature’s most amazing elements with infinite possibilities in their own environment. During my initial days as an amateur, I used to capture quite blunt portraits having nothing much obvious about this form of art but soon after brief period, I learnt the values of creating an art piece & extracting imaginary beauty out of some simple elements of nature. Subsequently I started scrutinising some tiny yet powerful basics of nature in close proximity of my thoughts, which held potential of touching emotional strings of viewer’s heart and soul.

Being involved in conservation activities, I understood certain consequences which ended with a strong belief that photographing rare animals – specially endangered species should be avoided except for inevitable purposes like research and study which would eventually help to ensure and support their safe existence. Choice of Fine art form of Nature Photography has provided me the satisfaction as a preservationist of nature in a creative manner, where any general natural loveliness has become my subject irrespective of its common appearance.

Having tried my level best to capture the beauty beyond general identity of wildlife, this is neither abstract nor fiction; for me all together is just like ‘Visual Poetries’, which can be perceived by the viewers, the way they want it. Colors, patterns, intensity, minimalism, peace, flow, space, graphics, monochromes, depicting sentimental values, are probably my subjects now, allowing me to put thorough trust into them. Finding joy in capturing humble but expressive moments of nature and sharing the same with viewers of common interest, I received immense appreciation in return, encouraged me to preen out of my professional carrier as an engineer & provided me the freedom to thrive as an artist. And this very obsession of being an artist has fused me with myself.

Surat city in Gujarat state of India is where I opened up my eyes, both virtually and literally. It’s a place where as a teenager I urged myself to think about Nature Photography. However, the inapt circumstances could not allow me to travel to longer distance to where I could create images that would satisfy my zeal. Hence, I started from my home ground. Although I have been traveling places after that, the old flame is still burning in my heart.

‘Visual Poetries’ as a book or the website belong to certain places of wildlife in India. The pictures included, depict not only the natural history of Indian wildlife but also the prettiness of diversified nature at distinct perspectives. It reflects millions of thoughts that provoked during my journey as a Nature Photographer. The journey commences from my balcony and continues through deep forests, soundless runs, endless grasslands, passing through strident coastal lines & colossal wetlands up to the snow peaks of the Himalayas. The elements of nature pondering throughout this book or website, does not belong to any particular eco-system. ‘Visual Poetries’ is just a pleasant luxury to eyes and not an informative or educational material in any case. The endeavor of this book or website may remain up to involving a viewer into selfless concern for nature’s essentials that can enlighten consciousness for conservative movements.
Because if we love, we care.

This is my humble attempt to present my work in a compiled pattern for photography lovers who appreciates such art form of Nature Photography. I would like to soulfully thank all the viewers who would ever read these poetic photographs.


Camera, Lenses & Equipment I use:


  • Canon 1Dx Mii (Full frame Camera Body)
  • Canon 7D Mii (Crop frame Camera Body)
  • Canon 5D M4 (Full frame Camera Body)
  • Canon 600mm f4 IS2 (Super Telephoto FF Lens)
  • Canon 1.4x Tele-converter
  • Canon 2x Tele-converter
  • Canon 100-400mm f4.5 IS2 (Telephoto Zoom Lens)
  • Canon 100mm Macro f2.8 IS2 (Macro Lens)
  • Canon MPE 65mm Macro f2.8 (Macro Lens)
  • Canon 16-35mm f4 (Wideangle Lens)
  • Canon 90mm f1.8 TS (Tilt & Shift Lens)
  • Canon 10-20mm f4.5 (Wideangle Lens)
  • Canon 8-15mm f4 Fish-eye (Extreme Wideangle Lens)
  • Sigma 24-17mm f2.7 (Regular Lens)