Nude Art Photography as ‘Body Landscape’.

Nude Art Photography as ‘Body Landscape’.
By Saurabh Desai Dec, 29 2018

Body Landscape

I have seen and appreciated statues and paintings on our temples and other monuments, and used to wonder how beautifully human body has been represented to preserve the beauty of Indian culture. Due to these phenomena, the artist of that era developed the matured sense towards presentation of ‘nude art’, which has been respected by all over the world. Today, the value of such monuments where ‘nude art’ and the marvels of architecture is merged together in a unique way is way higher as an art.

So when we consider photography as a medium of art, Europeans crafted nudity in a most explicit piece of art, and then slowly it grew popular in India as well. But during last few years of photography since when the modern age of digital photography became very common and handy amongst the mob; we have to accept that the ‘art’ part of photography is getting diluted in a catastrophic manner. And the sense of seeing such bold piece of art is quietly missing from the viewers as well, and acceptance criteria has become very narrow due to easy and unexplained platform of social media, where photographers and viewers both are fumbling between the mesh ‘art’ and ‘pleasure’.

I was quite impressed by the work many photographers like Bandeep Singh’s Unspoken Word, Prabuddha Dasgupta, Mary Ellen Mark’s Falkland Road & Raghu Rai who has put their strong step forward and shown the courage of publishing nudity as an art; and what a work it is indeed. Myself, since quite a long time wanted to shoot such body-art, but the society we live and believe may not consider the way we as an artist would look towards such work.

Until, I as an artist is honest against what I am create, understanding the fact of the basic substance, which I am shooting & describe the beauty of what I present, and where I am happy & contented. Many out of the multitudes of society may or may not take such work of art the way I have tried to create it, but it is difficult for me to do the favor.

So, here I present my first attempt of creating a series called ‘Body Landscapes’ in monochrome. It is our tendency to find human shapes in actual landscape photos; here I have tried illustrating landscapes in human figure.

I hope my viewers would consider this as a work of art and not just the concentrate on the basic substance of it. Thank you Vivek Desai for encouraging my work.

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Nude Art Photography as 'Body Landscapes'

-Saurabh Desai Photography