Quotes by Saurabh Desai

Quotes by Saurabh Desai
By Saurabh Desai Feb, 03 2020
  • "True monochrome is when you see colours into it"
  • "If travelling is worship, photography is blessing"
  • "Creativity has to be fearless"
  • "Camera neither contain heart nor brain"
  • "You can not sell your mistake on the name of creativity"
  • "Sometimes blur is sharper"
  • "If you can approach the subject, you are a good photographer, but when subject can approach you, you become a great photographer"
  • "Great artist talk about their 'art' then themselves"
  • "If you can not enjoy wildlife & nature without camera, don't pick up the camera at all"
  • "Do not operate camera like an engineer, play it like a musician"