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Quotes by Saurabh Desai

“True monochrome is when you see colours into it” “If travelling is worship, photography is blessing” “Creativity has to be fearless” “Camera neither contain heart nor brain” “You can not sell your mistake on the name of creativity” “Sometimes blur is sharper” “If you can approach the subject, you are a good photographer, but when […]

Dog, Street, Drama and Camera in pieces…

Dog, Street, Drama and Camera in pieces… Today, 26th March was a regular Sunday ‘Street Photo-walk’ with all the Drashtikon members and Instagram members at one of the busy streets of old city area in Surat. Since quite a long time I have been trying to capture the wild-angle perspective in streets the way now […]

100 things to remember as a photographer

Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that he/she is a good photographer. Always shoot in RAW. Always. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer & teaches you to keep the correct distance. Photo editing is an art in itself otherwise it’s a poison. The rule of thirds works 99% […]

Bogus appreciation is slow poison for an ‘artist’!

Since when I have deep enthusiasm towards photography & particularly an art photography in nature &wildlife, I started observing images of masters on internet. I used to sunk back for hours to watch their wonderful art works. Then one fine day I gathered some courage to make my own profile on one of the India’s […]

Nude Art Photography as ‘Body Landscape’.

Body Landscape I have seen and appreciated statues and paintings on our temples and other monuments, and used to wonder how beautifully human body has been represented to preserve the beauty of Indian culture. Due to these phenomena, the artist of that era developed the matured sense towards presentation of ‘nude art’, which has been […]